Better Data

“Springbot helps me leverage demographic and social data to personalize my marketing content and target customers.”

Matt W.

Smarter Actions

“Springbot helps me connect the marketing channels I need to drive more traffic and conversions.”

David B.

More Revenue

“Springbot helps me decide which eCommerce marketing actions will provide the best return on investment (ROI).”

John M.

how does springbot work?


Launch the smartest marketing actions.

Then the springbots go to work and use predictive analytics to determine which marketing actions will provide your best revenue opportunity.

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Learn from our tracked results.

We’ve integrated Magento with the top eCommerce marketing tools so we can track each marketing action from click to conversion to revenue and ROI.

What is marketing robotics?

Marketing Robotics is a technology solution that combines big data, predictive analytics, channel integration and marketing mix optimization. Large enterprises, like Amazon and Target, have been perfecting marketing robotics for several years to grow their businesses. Now small and medium businesses can leverage these same solutions, making eCommerce marketing solutions accessible for all. Learn More.