springbot customer reviews

Springbot, a Gold Industry Partner of Magento, provides an eCommerce marketing platform that helps online retailers grow their revenue by taking smarter data-driven marketing actions.

The Springbot service is available for download in the MagentoConnect app store. //www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/springbot-4733.html

Latest Customer Reviews:

5 / 5 Selling more with Springbot

I am a web developer and have been using Magento for all my online stores. My customers want to know how to market their online store and what their return on investment actually is for each marketing effort. I found the Springbot plugin and contacted the company for more information. My customers really appreciate how springbot suggests what marketing efforts will bring in more sales and it works. The developers emailed me when an updated version of the plugin was released. Great plugin and support.


5 / 5 Springbot Works 24/7

After teaming up with Springbot our marketing efforts are now simple, effective and trackable. The masterminds at Springbot are very creative and attentive to our company’s marketing needs.


5 / 5 The best marketing automation tool we have used!

Springbot has been invaluable in providing monitoring and optimization our online marketing campaigns. Although we have been involved in online advertising for several years, it has always been a challenge to perform the routine analysis needed to effectively evaluate and refine our marketing strategy.

The Springbot extension provides an excellent solution for this problem. Not only does it track the ROI of your marketing programs it also makes recommendations based on the data it collects to enhance your campaigns over time. It’s like having an internet marketing manager built right into your Magento store. Highly recommended!