Inside the Lab: Ecommerce Marketing Success Must

“What is an easy ‘win’ that will help drive revenue?” is a question that I’m asked daily by Springbot users. Although there are many factors that go into the answer to this question, I always recommend implementing an abandon cart campaign. It is easy to implement, effortless to manage, and a great way to drive sales and stay top-of-mind with your customers.


Marketing Success Must: Abandoned Shopping Cart Campaign

On average, 70 percent of online shoppers who place items in their shopping carts don’t complete their transactions, making shopping cart abandonment a pain point for many eCommerce sites. This is why an abandoned cart campaign is a great way to save what otherwise could result in lost revenue. I always suggest by starting with an automated email sent shortly after abandonment that:

  1. lists the products(s) left behind,
  2. has a single call-to-action,
  3. and has your store logo prominently displayed for branding purposes.

The idea is to make it very easy for subscribers to return to your store and complete their purchase – and showing them exactly what they abandoned, and might miss out on, is an abandoned cart must. If you want to get really creative, I would also recommend highlighting the benefits of purchasing from your store. Maybe you offer free shipping and returns, have phenomenal customer reviews or offer a discount to first time customers. Use this email, sent within 24 hours or less, to highlight what makes your store so great.

Inside the Lab Example:

Amagi Metals: Using the elements I mentioned above, Amagi Metals, an eCommerce precious metals dealer, successfully implemented their shopping cart abandonment campaign back in September. The campaign has an average open rate of 34 percent with 51 percent of the site’s revenue now coming from abandoned cart emails. To learn more, read “Amagi Metals Implements Shopping Cart Abandonment Campaign with ROI of 2,230 percent.”


Have questions on how Springbot can help you launch your own abandon cart campaign? Email Amber at or post your questions here and we promise to put them in the queue and answer them.

Inside the eCommerce lab daily, Amber Haack is responsible for customer success at Springbot.