Springbot: Inside the Lab

The world of eCommerce has gone through a remarkable growth spurt in 2013. At Springbot, we’re continually working with our customers to drive traffic to their eCommerce store and increase their conversion rate – all while tracking their marketing actions to provide insight into what worked and, well, what didn’t. We feel that it’s important to share our first-hand experiences so that we can play our part in continuing the trend by accelerating innovation and growth.

We’re introducing a new blog series that answer questions asked directly by our customers – including lessons learned from the inside. And as someone that works daily to ensure customer success, I would like to personally invite you to post your questions here in the comments section or directly on our Facebook page. I promise to answer each and every question using my first-hand knowledge.

Questions that are in the queue to be answered are:

  • What marketing tactic generated the highest revenue for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
  • Should I offer free shipping for the holidays?
  • How can I make my website and product pages more shareable on social media?
  • What is retargetting and how can I use it to generate revenue?

Got questions? Springbot has the answers! Post your comments and we promise to put them in the queue and answer it!

Inside the eCommerce lab daily, Amber Haack is responsible for customer success at Springbot.