What Can You Do In 14 Days With A Free 14 Day Springbot Trial?

When it comes to your eCommerce marketing strategy, you know it takes more than just a couple of emails and word of mouth to get your brand out there. It takes time and patience. It takes the ability to drive more traffic and conversions. The power to personalize your marketing content and understand which marketing actions are providing you the best ROI. The ability to market smarter, not harder. And our army of marketing robots (the springbots) can help you do just that…all within a 14 day FREE trial.


1. Free Training & Onboarding. It’s what makes us unique and helps you to get the ball rolling. It’s a personalized meeting with one of our in-house experts to help you align your goals with Springbot marketing actions. We’ve got your back 24×7 with a team dedicated to helping you succeed.

2. See your Holiday Marketing Assessment. We always want to provide you the best insights into how your store is performing year over year. Our holiday marketing assessment is designed to help you move into 2014 with a better understanding of how your store data, demographic data, and performance data performed November 1 to December 31 as compared to 2012. It’s pretty awesome and we think you will agree.

3. Turn on Abandon Cart Emails. Why?  Many online stores lose out on potential sales simply because customers abandon their carts in the middle of shopping. A great way to recover these customers without investing a lot of cost and effort is through the deployment of abandoned cart emails. And with Springbot, you can automate the emails and easily track your revenue. We even have awesome templates for you to use.

4. See your Product Conversion Report. Want to know which products were viewed the most in your store this month? We have that.  What about the products that were added to cart – ok, we’ll throw that in there too. We show you the full product lifecycle, from view, to add to cart, to purchase. This report is a data miner’s best friend.

5. Optimize Your Products for Increased Conversion. The springbots help turn shoppers into buyers by reviewing your product catalogue and letting you know which SKU’s need some help – like writing a longer description, shortening your product title, or adding a missing image.   

6. Integrate with your Email Provider, like MailChimp. Tried and true, email marketing is one of the originals when it comes to online marketing. It’s a great way to develop relationships with potential and current customers, and it’s one of the furthest-reaching ways to get your message out there. With Springbot, you can send emails that fuel engagement and easily track revenue made from every email sent.

7. Create Custom Segments. Build a highly scalable, segmented customer database that is customized to your needs – the foundation for data-driven marketing. With Springbot, you can use our premade segments or create your own – tailored specifically for your store’s needs, turning customer insight into trackable revenue.

8. Get Social with Facebook. Facebook is a great way for you to engage with current and potential customers. If used effectively (meaning you are posting relevant content that can be attributed to revenue) you can build a strong online presence – increasing brand awareness, encouraging future purchases and building customer loyalty. And did we mention that with Springbot, all this activity can now be tracked and revenue attributed to a specific post? We’ve even got a bevy of awesome post suggestions waiting for you.

9. Start Tweeting with Twitter. Like Facebook, Twitter is a powerful tool for your eCommerce store and can be used to increase customer engagement and sales. The most effective way to Tweet (and we’ve got examples for these too) is by simply communicating with your followers. Try posting pictures of your latest product arrivals, ask fun questions, take a poll, offer Friday freebies (and hashtag it) and share blog posts. And by now your thinking, how can Springbot help me? Well aside from our library of awesome social suggestions, we (like everything we do) track your revenue down to each Tweet.

10. Use Our Social Calendar. Easily schedule out all of your social posts for the day, week or monSpringbot Dashboardth and get awesome recommendations on what to Tweet, post and write about. Honestly, we’ve really thought of everything to help you market smarter and make your life a lot easier.

11. See your Channel Attribution. Wondering where you make the most bang for your buck?  We’ll let you know.  We track all of your marketing activity, like email and social, and show you which channel is performing best for you and making you money.  It’s pretty cut and dry – and simplicity is what we love. 


12. Understand Your Customer AND Prospect Data. Targeted marketing across channels is vital for turning shoppers into repeat customers and understanding your customer data is a key part of this. Springbot takes a strategic approach to engage buyers throughout the customer lifecycle, using, you guessed it, data. And when you start a trial, the springbots immediately go to work using predictive analytics to determine which marketing actions will provide you the best revenue opportunities.

13. Sign up to be a customer. It’s a no brainer that we of course want you to convert to a customer after your trial. And the really great thing about working with us is that we don’t require a contract. Seriously! Your commitment is on a monthly basis – because we believe in our product so much – making it a great option for all you commitment-phobes (person that has a phobia of commitment) out there.

14. Take MORE Marketing Actions. Get MORE Revenue. In this post, I’ve only covered a few of the awesome things that our army of marketing robots (the springbots) offer. But we’ve certainly got more than 14 recommendations waiting for you including AdRoll, trackable links and daily activity reports to name a few. 

Interested in learning more? Email sales@springbot.com  to schedule a demo. They can also answer any questions you may have about how Springbot works, how much it costs, or email you some pretty great customer success stories.


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