Introducing Springbot's Newest Feature. Triggered Emails.

As with most email programs, there comes a time when your eCommerce site is ready to harness the power of triggered emails.  And with Springbot’s newest feature, triggered emails, you can automate your emails ‘triggered’ by a specific action taken (or not) by your customers or prospects. We’ve even done the legwork and created templates with suggested content and layout.

So why do you need triggered emails?

Triggered emails are a crucial element in your overall eCommerce marketing strategy –  and for good reason. They have a proven track record with an incredible return on investment. Automatically sending the right message at the right time allows you to send  highly relevant emails to your customers, thus increasing responses and conversation rates.

What types of triggered emails are available with Springbot?

1. Abandoned Cart Emails. This is one of the more powerful emails in an eCommerce marketer’s tool box. Recover lost sales and easily track revenue through the automated deployment of abandoned cart emails. Once set up, you can test timing, messaging content and exclusive offers to see what provides you with the best ROI.

2. Welcome Emails. This is your store’s opportunity to send a highly relevant and personalized email to your customers. Use this email to highlight the benefits they will receive as a subscriber, customer service contact information and how often they should expect an email from you.

3. Post Purchase Emails. This email, sent after your customer places an order, is anticipated by the subscriber and often under-utilized by eCommerce stores like yourself. This can also be the perfect opportunity to upsell and cross-sell the newest products from your site – and easily track that revenue. This is also a great opportunity to ask for a product review.

4. Anniversary Emails.  This type of email can be a very powerful way to engage personally with customers at the most relevant moments. Let them know that you appreciate their loyalty and send them a special offer on their one year anniversary.

5. Last Purchase (Win-back) Emails. Sending a strategic email to your customers that have not made a purchase in a specified amount of time (like 120 days) is a good way to reconnect with those who may have forgotten about you. This is your opportunity to let this segment of customers know that you miss them and want them back.

Send the right message at the right time with Springbot’s newest feature, triggered emails. To learn more about triggered emails or learn about our other features, contact or simply visit our pricing page for a list of every feature we offer.