3 Reasons Why Springbot's Newest Industry Partner, Redstage, Rocks

Springbot recently partnered with Redstage as part of our Partner Marketing Program. To officially kick things off, and welcome Redstage to the Springbot family, we wanted to take a moment to introduce who they are, what they do and why they rock.

Who is Redstage.

Redstage, a Magento Gold Solution Partner, is a leading eCommerce solutions agency specializing in stores on the Magneto eCommerce platform. Their goal? Increasing the bottom line of the online stores they work with. Their passion? Designing beautiful and functional sites with exceptional conversion rates so everyone wins.

What they do.

Redstage is a full service web development and marketing agency headquartered in Hoboken, New Jersey with an office also in Santa Monica, California – taking a coast to coast approach. Having worked on more than 300 Magento projects, Redstage is the most advanced and experienced agency in the industry (and this is a fact – NOT just a Springbot opinion).

Why they rock.

What do the springbots love about Redstage? There’s a lot to love BUT we will keep it simple and narrow it to our top 3 favorite reasons why Redstage rocks:

1. Experience. They have a portfolio that includes more than 300 Magento projects, including Bambi Baby, 1st in Coffee and GTR Store. Redstage is the most advanced and experienced agency in the industry. Need proof? Check out their extensive client portfolio that includes a variety of industries they have worked with, including retail, food, charity and electronics to name a few. 

– View Redstage’s portfolio at //www.redstage.com/portfolio/

2. Accomplishments. Redstage’s genius is propelled by their accomplished business and marketing professionals and backed by a team of creative and computer science gurus. What Springbot loves about Redstage is their enthusiasm for their work and the passion they have for their clients and the industry. One of our favorite achievements includes the fact that their employees have achieved the highest level of Magento developer certification – and that’s no small feat.

“Our partnership with Redstage highlights the important role that industry partners play in Springbot’s commitment to build relationships that assists our customers’ overall go-to-market experience,” said Brooks Robinson, Co-founder and CEO of Springbot. “Redstage really knows the eCommerce space and their passion for delivering the right technology to their clients is an obvious choice for anyone on the Magento platform.”

3. Vision. Redstage has an extensive portfolio that speaks for itself. But what really stands out is their clear vision – with the ability to interpret their client’s vision and turn it into a success story. Some of our favorite Redstage success stories include when they helped their client, Bambi Baby, increase conversion rate by 50 percent after helping them to migrate to the Magento platform. Another successful ‘vision’ come-to-life? Working with GTR Store, a reseller of musical instruments, to re-brand their existing website with an updated look and feel – resulting in an increase in order volume.

– For more information on BambiBaby.com’s success story, read //www.redstage.com/portfolio/bambi-baby/

– For more information on GTRStore.com’s success story, read //www.redstage.com/portfolio/gtr-store/


“We are excited to align with Springbot’s Partner Program,” said Adam Morris, CEO of Redstage. “By combining Springbot’s eCommerce marketing platform with our full service web development and marketing agency, we can work in tandem to help our valued customers drive more traffic and generate more revenue that creates a better experience for everyone. And this is just the beginning.”

For more information on Redstage, email info@redstage.com or give them a call at 1-888-335-2747.

And make sure to visit Redstage at this year’s Magneto Imagine Conference in May. Make sure to keep an eye out for the announcement of their booth number so you can drop by and say hello.  And our booth as well.