Five Tips to Utilizing Trackable Links to Increase Revenue

Ecommerce marketers who want to determine the return on investment (ROI) and revenue attribution for every blog post, email outreach, social media post or online ad rely on trackable links.

In the world of marketing where all activities are quantified and qualified, online marketing is evolving. Ecommerce marketers who want to determine the return on investment (ROI) and revenue attribution for every blog post, email outreach, social media post or online ad rely on tracking tools to quickly identify customer and prospect revenue opportunities.

“There’s no room for guessing in the competitive online market and eCommerce retailers can’t afford to waste their time or efforts on unsuccessful marketing campaigns,” said Brooks Robinson, Springbot co-founder and CEO.  “Even with the right marketing platforms and solutions in place, some online businesses are not utilizing these tools to their full capability. But when intelligent data is paired with the right marketing tools, online retailers see positive results and increasing revenues.”

Springbot, an Atlanta based company which provides an eCommerce marketing platform to help online retailers grow their revenue, shares five tips to help online merchants fully utilize trackable links in all campaigns.

     1. Use eCommerce focused tools: There are a number of tracking tools available for monitoring everything from social media, sentiment, goals and more. However, an eCommerce specific tracking tool can provide owners with deeper and broader insights into every interaction with their brand through a streamlined dashboard with the metrics that matter to them the most, like which trackable links are increasing traffic, conversions and ultimately driving revenue.

     2. Implement tagging functions: To better serve their customers, online merchants must understand how their audience responds to the different product and category links. Through tagging, online merchants can better understand what type of call-to-action, content piece or author works best for each channel. For example, are Facebook fans more responsive to funny or educational posts? What type of engagement do promotional tweets generate? Who creates the best posts? Examples of popular tags include: funny, educational, promotional, or new product. Many stores also tag the name of the author to create an internal competition to determine who has the greatest impact.

     3. Identify the ROI across campaigns: For repeated marketing success, merchants want more than campaign analytics or email open rates. They want to know the ROI by determining which links are clicked (or ignored), and see the sales driven by those links. This is especially important for campaigns across multiple social media channels and other online marketing efforts such as emails, newsletters, blogs and more. Real-time insights enable merchants to respond quickly by adjusting campaigns to market changes and customer demands.

     4. Leverage detailed insights: Industry specific tracking tools enable online business owners to track marketing efforts with relevant and detailed metrics. Retailers need to know more than how many times a link was viewed. They want to know who viewed the link, where that viewer is coming from, the next actions that took place, whether or not that link drove site traffic, and if the link resulted in a purchase. Without the proper tracking tools in place beforehand, it’s nearly impossible to determine the ROI of a specific link. 

     5. Get a comprehensive marketing overview: Over time, trackable links paired with other marketing insights will provide retailers with a comprehensive look into the products customers are purchasing, the best channels to use and the types of offers they’re most interested in.  By understanding the ROI of each link, retailers can develop highly targeted marketing campaigns to increase brand loyalty and ROI.

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