Five eCommerce Marketing Tips for Mother's Day

eCommerce marketing tips for Mother's Day


Were you one of the 24 people who applied for the toughest job in the world? The job requirements were listed as “standing up almost all of the time; constantly exerting yourself; working from 135 to unlimited hours per week; no vacations; workload increases over holidays; and salary = $0.”  Who would apply for something like THAT?  Well, that’s just the day in the life of a being mother.

In 2013, online shopping increased 15 percent for the week leading up to Mother’s Day, when compared to the same time-frame in 2012. To celebrate those women who give it their all, the springbots have put together five eCommerce marketing tips to offer inspiration just in time for you to launch a few Mother’s Day eCommerce marketing campaigns for your store:

1. Create and Send Personalized EmailsEveryone needs a reminder that this SUNDAY, MAY 11 is in fact Mother’s Day.  Go ahead and send out that personalized reminder to your customer base, which leads to tip #2.

2. Feature Mother’s Day Friendly Products – Shoppers like to know what’s hot, and what’s not.  Tell them what the best products from your store are for MOM.

3. Offer Free Shipping – People have come to expect free shipping.  If you’re store already does this, HIGHLIGHT it in your emails.  If it doesn’t, offer free shipping through Mother’s Day as an incentive to buy.  You can set a minimum order quantity.

4. Rev Up Customer Service – Mother’s are wonderful caretakers, so keep your customers happy while they shop for the World’s Greatest Mom.

5. Promote Gift Cards – If you’re unsure of WHAT exactly to get your mom, she’ll be very happy with a gift card to her favorite online store. You can’t go wrong with that!


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