Five Reasons Our Integration with HootSuite is all the Rage

HootSuite and Springbot have teamed up to launch a new social media marketing application. The new Magento Social by Springbot App is an integrated application that assists with scheduling, revenue attribution tracking, publishing and monitoring of social media campaigns for Magento eCommerce retailers. And we’ve got five really good reasons as to why you should download this new app.

Five reasons Magento Social by Springbot App is all the rage:

  1. View suggested ideas on content, like what to Tweet or post, based on your store’s product data
  2. Multiple store and social streams in one HootSuite dashboard
  3. Easy scheduling of future social posts
  4. Simple monitoring of what’s happening on your social accounts
  5. Revenue attribution by social channel


Key Features Include:

  • View suggested ideas on content based on your store
  • Create Trackable links for revenue attribution by social channel
  • Multiple store and social streams in one place
  • Filter suggested content by topic or category


Give it a Try! 

  1. Install the Springbot app via the HootSuite App Directory 
  2. Sign into the stream using your Springbot login 
  3. Take one of our recommendations or create a post of your own 
  4. Review your actions and track your performance in Springbot 
  5. Post more to your social accounts, track more actions and make more revenue
  6. Don’t have a Springbot account? No worries. Sign up for a free trial here and see how Springbot and HootSuite can help you with social media marketing.

For more information or to download Magento Social by Springbot App, visit the HootSuite App Directory.