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Smallbiztechnology.com featured Springbot and our tips on using trackable links in a recent article titled, “Are You Using Trackable Links In Your Marketing? Raise Your Marketing ROI.”

The article also highlights the Country Club Prep case study results and highlights us as a thought leader (among other resources) for tracking marketing ROI and eCommerce efforts.

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Want a sneak peak of the article?

Smart marketers know that the only way to properly measure their marketing and know what works and what does not work – is to leverage analytics. However, analytics can only be seen if you are using trackable links to know what people are and are not clicking.

Sure you can get a great measure of detail about your web site visitors, using Google Analytics. But what about other areas of your marketing – are you able to track every aspect of your marketing message?

Ecommerce service provider Springbot offers some tips on why it’s essential to properly track your marketing solutions (and really understand your marketing ROI).

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