5 Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns That You Should Launch Before The Holidays

We know it’s hard to believe, but the holiday shopping season is here. Just ask Kmart who, despite their protests to the contrary, already launched their first holiday commercial.

Kmart insists this Christmas ad isn't a Christmas ad

At Springbot, our customers are already prepping, but if you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late! In this blog post, we share 5 powerful data-driven marketing campaigns you should launch as part of your holiday marketing strategy.

 1. New Customer Welcome Emails

During the holidays, you will probably have a lot of new customers coming to your site to make their very first purchase. Remember to welcome them and say thank you with an automated first purchase email. The reason that this is such an awesome marketing strategy is that first purchase emails are one of the highest-driving messages you can send, and is critical in creating repeat buyers. Use this email to invite your customers to follow you on social media, read your latest blog post, share your customer service policies, and explain why you’re awesome!

2. Post-Purchase Series

When your customer makes a purchase, it’s a big deal and should be celebrated. You should let them know their business is recognized and greatly appreciated by sending a follow up email to say thanks. While you want to keep a post-purchase thank you email simple for the first time purchaser send, the longer that customer continues to buy from you, the more you can ask of them. Once customers have passed that second or third purchase threshold, that’s the perfect time to ask for product reviews, surveys, and engagement on social media. You can really show your appreciation buy sending them a thank you email with a discount for free shipping or 20% off all new products after they make their fifth purchase.

3. Win-back Campaigns

We hear it all the time. Acquiring a new customer can cost a retailer over 4 times more than keeping a current customer happy. If you know the average latency (time between purchases) of your customers, then you’re on the right track to setting up your automated win-back campaigns.

We’ve noticed that the most successful win-back campaign includes a series of emails, typically 3, that are sent over a period of time, such as 60, 90, and 120 days since last purchase. Make sure you let your customer know that you want them back and that they are missing out on your newest products and sales.

4. Abandon Cart Recovery Emails

Most shoppers do not make a purchase the first time they visit a site, and many (myself included) consistently add items to a shopping cart without making a purchase. While recent studies say that over 68% of shoppers abandon their cart on average, launching automated cart recovery emails can increase your overall sales by 10% with an average conversion rate of around 20%. So the question is, why would you not implement automated abandon cart recovery emails as part of your overall holiday marketing strategy? Set it, forget it, and watch the sales role in.

5. Segmented Email Campaigns

Use data to develop more segmented email campaigns that provide more relevant content to your customers. This allows you to send more targeted, relevant emails that helps you to increase open rates, click through rates, and conversion rates. For example, instead of taking the batch and blast approach, you can send all of your female customers one type of email message, while sending men another type of email. And to get really specific, you can even create an entire holiday email campaign specific to your married male customers that highlights holiday gift ideas for their wife.

Leveraging data in a real-time manner makes it possible for you to provide improved communications and interact with your customers in a more in-depth manner, thus driving increased future sales and improving customer loyalty. Don’t know the demographics of your store? Try FreeDemographicSnapshot.com to better understand who your customers are so you can send more targeted emails to them during the holidays.