Springbot Feature Spotlight: 2014 Holiday Marketing Assessment

The holiday season is over. Finally! And we in the eCommerce industry can all take a moment to catch our breath and reap the rewards of all our hard work…if you actually know how you did.

At Springbot, we always want to provide you the best insights into how your store is performing year over year. Our Holiday Marketing Assessment is designed to help you move into 2015 with a better understanding of how your store performed November 1 to December 31 2014 – compared to 2013. We can even tell you how you did in 2013 when compared to 2012.

Lets face it. You put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making sure you had a lucrative holiday season. So relax and let us do the work and tell you how you did in one really cool infographic.

Below is a sample of how your store’s holiday marketing assessment will look.

Cyber Monday Image


Don’t have a Springbot account? We invite you to talk with our eCommerce experts and find out more about Springbot and why the Holiday Marketing Assessment is so cool. Simply request a demo or you can contact us directly at marketing@springbot.com.