Customer Spotlight: Beyond the Buzzword – How Axtro Sports Used an Omni-channel Marketing Strategy to Grow their Business


Omni-channel marketing is a buzzword you hear a lot these days. Is it a real strategy, or is it a bunch of fluff? A lot of retailers hear “omni-channel” and think, “Yeah, yeah, I market and sell my products in multiple places – on my website, on social, through email, and in stores.” That’s great, but that’s not the whole story of omni-channel retail.

Real omni-channel marketing, done right, is about creating a seamless, cohesive experience for customers so that no matter where they are shopping, all of their data and information is readily available and your brand’s distinct thumbprint and experience is on each channel.

While talking with our customer Axtro Sports, a leading distributor of sporting wearables in South East Asia, about their marketing strategy, they were quick to mention omni-channel marketing as one of the largest contributors to their success. Axtro Sports’ Business Development Manager, Jeremy Low, says that increasing their presence across marketing and retail channels was an essential step to growing their business.

Axtro Sport - Omni-channel marketing


How Axtro Sports Uses Omni-channel Marketing.

In the creation of a more cohesive shopping experience for their customers, Axtro Sports didn’t want to alienate their sales channels and operate them separately. “Our eCommerce platform is based on Magento,” Jeremy says, “and it forms the core of our retail operations.”

They now use Ebizmart’s point-of-sale system which integrates directly with Magento and bridges the gap between their online store and their physical retail locations.  This omni-channel solution, Jeremy told us, creates a unified experience for customers when shopping both online and offline.

For example, a customer who shops in their brick & mortar locations no longer has to keep a physical receipt but can opt to receive one via email and can easily reprint receipts through their website. Now, their offline purchases sync with their online purchases on a unified platform – enhancing the customer experience.

In addition to a more harmonious experience for their customers, the integration of their various retail sales channels has allowed Axtro Sports to collect more data about their customers and provide more relevant and targeted marketing campaigns to them. “This is how a SME (small-medium enterprise) like us remains a relevant and competitive player in our industry,” Jeremy told us.

The Takeaway?

The biggest lesson we extracted from Axtro Sports’ story is that omni-channel marketing doesn’t just mean selling across different channels. Their success comes from providing their customers with an uninterrupted seamless experience whether shopping online or in person.

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