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To commemorate the launch of our latest social media features, Social Hub and Advanced Shoppable Instagram, Jarrett Board and Erika Brookes hosted a webinar series called “Plot Your Social Media Domination Plan with Springbot.” The webinar series was broken up into two parts:

In Part 1, we showed a behind-the-scenes look at both of the new features and provided attendees with our top five social media best practices. Then in Part 2, we outlined seven steps for increasing social engagement along with specific examples from our customers. You can find and listen to both recordings here if you missed them!

During both webinars, our attendees asked a lot of questions we did not have time to address in the post-webinar Q&A.  Because of the huge opportunity from social media (your customers use it every day) and the challenges it presents (such as “How do I know my content is resonating with my audience and growing my revenue?”) combined with our undying devotion to our customers,  we compiled answers to the additional questions below.  We hope this is helpful and, of course, feel free to tweet us @springbot or email your Customer Success Manager if we can help you further!


Q: What’s the difference between the basic Shoppable Instagram integration and the new Advanced Shoppable Instagram?

A: Our basic Shoppable Instagram integration is available for Springbot’s Starter package, and it allows you to create a custom landing page with products you choose to feature in your Instagram bio. Advanced Shoppable Instagram, available for the Pro and Pro Plus packages or as an add-on to the Starter package, allows you to create a custom shoppable landing page that will automatically pull in your Instagram photos and provide links to the products that are featured in each for a seamless shopping experience.

Q: Is there a limited amount of posts we can feature on our shoppable Instagram on the new feature?

A: There isn’t a limit to the number of posts that will appear on the Shoppable Instagram page. However, we recommend limiting the number to 21 posts to keep it simple for shoppers. Having too many shoppable images on your landing page can overwhelm shoppers, so think of it more as a curated shopping experience.

Q: When will the new Advanced Shoppable Instagram feature be live?

A: Our newest Instagram feature is live now! It is available with our Pro and ProPlus packages, or you can purchase it as an add-on for the Starter package. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you’re interested in adding Advanced Shoppable Instagram to your Springbot package!

Q: If you post a video on Instagram, will the video also post on the Instagram Shoppable Page?

A:  We’ll pull in the still image that appears on your Instagram post (before the video plays).

Q: Can I schedule Instagram posts through Springbot?

A: At this time, Instagram’s API is closed, so no third party app can directly schedule Instagram posts. What Springbot has done is create a link to place in your bio so the customer can easily shop the products you are featuring in your Instagram feed.

Q: How does Springbot work with Hootsuite?

A: Springbot has an integration with Hootsuite that allows you to schedule and track posts from their application. We provide Social Hub as an alternative, integrated solution to our platform.

Q: Does Springbot have a Social Hub mobile app for posting on the go?

A: We don’t currently have a mobile app, but you can use all of our Social Hub features on your mobile device. To access, log into Springbot on your phone, locate Social Hub under the Do Tab, and it will render according to your mobile device.

Q: Is the rest of the Springbot Dashboard mobile-friendly?

A: At this time, only Social Hub is fully compatible with mobile devices, but making the rest of the Dashboard mobile-friendly is on the product roadmap.  

Q: Will videos still appear as links if posted through springbot?

A: If a link to a video is posted via Springbot, Facebook will include a preview image from the video in the post.

Q: Can we tag people/organizations through the Social Hub? Or are you planning on adding this feature in the future?

A: Social Hub doesn’t currently have the functionality to allow tagging, but it’s something we will continue to evaluate for future enhancements!

Q: Can you post to Facebook events?

A: Not at this time. Social Hub is used as a scheduling and tracking tool for your own social profile pages.

Q: Can you have multiple products in a single Facebook post? Will images for each product show up, or do you only pick one to display?

A: You can post multiple product links in a facebook post, but Facebook’s API will only allow one photo to be posted at a time through third-party apps like Springbot.

Q: What if you want to post a link but with a picture that doesn’t automatically post with the link?

A: You can post any link you’d like with any picture you like in Social Hub. Just place the link in the Compose box or use the Add Product Link button to find the link for a specific product. Then you can remove the automatically placed picture if necessary and upload your own using the Upload Image button.

Q: How do I go about tagging other people/accounts on Facebook? For example, we need to be able to tag our sponsored teams and athletes in certain posts.

A: At this time people and organizations cannot be tagged directly from our Dashboard, but there is a solution. To tag a person or organization, you can make your content post through Springbot, allowing us to make everything trackable, and then edit the post directly in Facebook to tag your products.

Q: Can you repeat, or add a little more to what you said about the relationship between SEO and social media?

A: Sure thing! The relationship between SEO and social media is a bit mysterious, but experts have recently drawn a connection between the two. According to Visiture, search rankings are influenced by both fresh content and social signals.

Brands can also find success in the power in the search results for individual social media platforms. For example, when you’re looking for a new hat, you may search Google first, but you may also use the search functions on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Brands that have engaging, relevant content to what consumers are searching may reap the benefits in this respect. You can find more information on how it works in this article on Contently.

Q: When you think about engagement as it relates to organic search, how does engagement from your purchase strategy such as boosting a post fit into this equation?

A: Great question. Though Google doesn’t give special treatment to social media sites, there is a slight correlation between SEO and social media when it comes to building influence and authority for your web pages. So increased engagement, even by paid advertising, could be beneficial to your strategy. Moz, a SEO consulting company that offers an app to monitor and evaluate SEO, concluded that although they can’t confirm that social shares lead to higher SEO rankings, pages with high rankings are often characterized by having a higher quantity and quality of social shares. Adobe also has a great summary of the relationship between SEO and social on their blog.

Q: Where does Springbot pull the data on demographics from?

A: Springbot purchases all demographic data from partners who specialize in data aggregation. They use the customer’s email address as the unique identifier and then mine the Internet for any public information tied to that email address (e.g. age, gender, income). Then Springbot purchases new demographic data for your customers each night moving forward.

Q: Also, can Springbot differentiate between people and businesses when it comes to demographics?

A: We use the email address as the unique identifier so we’ll pull in the demographic data for whomever is connected to the address.

Q: Erika, does your dog tweet?

She does! In addition to following her on Instagram @Sunny_Brookes, you can also find her on Twitter @sunny_brookes


Have a question you’d like to ask about the webinar content or our new features? Feel free to tweet your questions to at Erika, Jarrett, or Springbot!

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