Feature Spotlight: How Springbot's eCommerce Reports Take the Guess Work Out of ROI

Top view of business statistical annual reportEvery day, you take multiple marketing actions — creating social media posts, sending newsletters, optimizing triggered emails, building retargeting ads, and more. These actions produce a lot of data, and by a lot of data we mean big data. How can you take that information and turn it into valuable insights to guide your marketing strategy? We have a host of key reports you can access in your Springbot Dashboard to turn data into actionable insights.

Revenue & ROI Tracking 

No more using overwhelming spreadsheets or a multitude of different analytics tools. View exactly how much traffic, conversions, and revenue are generated from your marketing campaigns and the marketing actions you take without leaving your Springbot dashboard.



Channel Attribution

Get the full story of your marketing strategy’s performance by breaking it down by channel (like email, social, retargeting, and more). Use your results to plan your budget and identify areas of improvement and success so you can maximize your return on investment.



If you’d like to see how the Springbot View Dashboard can help your store, schedule a quick demo with one of our eCommerce marketing experts. Or check out one of our other revenue-boosting features like Advanced Shoppable Instagram, Social Hub, and Custom Email Segmentation!