Holiday Tips & Tricks

eCommerce Holiday Survival Guide

holiday survival guide

The holidays summon joyful feelings, but they can also bring a hefty dose of stress — especially if you’re an eCommerce business. Between prepping your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, testing your website, reviewing your marketing data and creating holiday-themed landing pages, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. You’ve put a lot of thought into…

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eCommerce Tips for Savvy Holiday Shipping

holiday shipping

Have you been keeping tabs on eCommerce shopping trends lately? With online sales predicted to reach up to $443 billion by the end of the year, there’s no denying the steady shift towards online spending. As the holidays creep closer, what steps have you taken to make sure your online store is prepared for the…

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Five Ways to Prepare your Site for Holiday Traffic

holiday marketing

If last month’s solar eclipse frenzy taught us anything, it’s that sudden surges in traffic can lead to complete chaos if proper precautions aren’t in place. As an online merchant, you can expect similar spikes in web traffic this holiday season. It’s important to begin prepping your eCommerce site now to avoid potential traffic jams…

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eCommerce Holiday Marketing: Mastering PPC Campaigns

ecommerce holiday marketing

Is your pay-per-click (PPC) strategy ready for the upcoming holiday season? We don’t mean to alarm you, but there are only two months left until we reach the height of holiday spending. Given that nearly half of eCommerce marketers plan to launch holiday campaigns before October, we guarantee your competitors are prepping early this year.…

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eCommerce Marketing: How to Tailgate for the Holidays Like a Pro

tailgating for the holidays

Last year, online holiday spending accounted for a whopping $122.9 billion, according to data from the National Retail Foundation. This greatly exceeded the marketing prediction of $110 billion, set earlier in the year. That’s a healthy increase of 12.6 percent from the preceding year. The upcoming holiday season looks just as bright for online retailers,…

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4 Strategies for Maximizing Loyalty Programs for Holiday Shoppers

If you’re in eCommerce, the holiday season is no doubt one of the busiest times of the year for you. It’s not just about managing new customers, a hectic shipping schedule, or increased web traffic, either. Your to-do list is most likely a mile long right now, just as it is every year. Don’t let…

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Top 5 eCommerce Optimizations for Record-Breaking Holiday Revenue

When you’re in eCommerce, the holiday season is about a lot more than finding the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list or making sure the holiday turkey doesn’t turn out too dry. It’s also one of the busiest times of the year for you from a business standpoint. In fact, online sales are…

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The Importance of Reminding Shoppers of Shipping Cutoffs

The holiday shopping season will be over in a few short weeks, the last-minute shopping rush has begun – that final push that finds everyone trying to snag last-minute gifts and catch up if they’re still behind. Those last days can be extremely hectic, especially for online retailers. If you’re running an eCommerce store, it’s…

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Update Your Automated Triggered Emails with a Holiday Message

If you’ve already embraced automated triggered emails as a marketing strategy for your company, then you know how effective they are when it comes to capturing revenue and building loyalty with your customers. Sending exactly the right personalized message to your customers at the ideal time can help assure them that they’re valued and considered.…

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6 Quick and Dirty Tips for Creating a Holiday Shopping Guide

While there are many incredibly useful tools your business can use to make the most of the holiday shopping season, it’s hard to beat a well-crafted holiday shopping guide. After all, this time of year can get incredibly hectic for even the most level-headed shoppers. A little extra help and inspiration is something people can…

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