Customer Loyalty Webinar: Sweetening the Deal with Email Marketing

Customer Loyalty Webinar: Sweetening the Deal with Email Marketing

Are you looking for new ways to re-engage current customers? There is a secret ingredient that often gets overlooked when it comes to transforming first-time buyers to loyal customers. Designing a loyalty program can be tricky, but adding email marketing to your strategy is key to driving engagement.

On Thursday, June 15th we discussed with key industry experts:

  • Why loyalty and email marketing make a winning combination
  • How to get customers to engage and participate in a loyalty program
  • What loyalty email marketing looks like for eCommerce stores

Are you ready to refresh your email marketing with loyalty rewards? Schedule a personalized consultation with one of our eCommerce experts and ask about our newest Email Campaigns capabilities to get started.

The Presenters

Steve Deckert

Steve is the Cofounder and Director of Business Development at, an industry leader in reward programs that allows businesses to reward their customers how they want, when they want, and for the reasons they want.

Amber Haack

As Springbot’s Vice President of Customer Success,  Amber works closely with customers to ensure top satisfaction when it comes to services and product feature offerings. In short — her main goal is turning customers into fans.

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