“Springbot has delivered tangible value to our online store and the relationship has been a success”

– Matt Sparks, co-owner, First Aid & Safety

First Aid & Safety’s Segmented Email Marketing Campaign has a Return on Investment of 112%.

ROI of 112% for email marketing campaign

Over 300 product content recommendations taken

ROI increased 13x after enabling abandon shopping cart feature

Increased sales by 3X in the last six months


First Aid & Safety Online offers brand name first aid supplies and safety products at the lowest price available. With more than 4,500 customers, the 12-year company needed to launch a tactical marketing program to stay competitive and improve sales. The first step in the company’s effort was to understand where to focus their marketing dollars and time.

Springbot Solution

After being introduced to Springbot’s marketing platform, First Aid & Safety started working to execute, a three-part action plan that included:

  1. Segmenting their customer data to send targeted email campaigns to their contacts instead of the batch and blast approach;
  2. Automating the process for abandoned shopping cart retargeting and;
  3. Utilizing Springbot’s product recommendation feature to update the products that were not selling.


After creating customized segments based on products, categories, purchase frequency, and buying patterns for the first time, First Aid & Safety saw an immediate improvement in email open rates and an increase in conversions.

“Before Springbot, we were sending emails to a large, stagnant list with a low return on investment,” said Matt Sparks, co-owner, First Aid & Safety. “Now, we have the tools needed for a better marketing strategy that allows us to segment our customers and target them with relevant emails.”

Next, First Aid & Safety moved quickly to take advantage of other marketing actions from the Springbot platform. After automating the abandon shopping cart retargeting feature, they started updating their SKU’s based on recommendations from the Sprinbots. “The recommendation feature is a great tool to have,” Sparks said. “We have over 40,000 SKUs and knowing which ones are converting and which ones need updating was a daunting task.”

“Our most positive return on investment is certainly from our targeted email campaigns with a return on investment of 112%. We have also had great results using Springbot’s abandoned shopping cart tool which replaced many of the manual work we were putting in,” said Sparks. “We’ve been very happy with our results and plan to use the tool in a variety of ways in the coming months. Springbot has delivered tangible value to our online store and the relationship has been a success,” Sparks continued.

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