Fashion, the Ecommerce Evolution
and the Omnichannel Imperative

Marketing trends come and go, but there’s one “trend” that, despite some controversy, is here to stay: Omnichannel.

In this eBook, we’ll show you what omnichannel marketing is and why it’s imperative to approach digital marketing from an omnichannel perspective — especially for fashion brands. We’ll then give 8 actionable strategies to make your marketing actions more impactful with your always-connected consumers.

The insights in this eBook include:

  • What the most common traits of today’s consumer are and how retailers can adapt to their behaviors
  • How having analytics and measurement tools in place will save you time
  • Why you need to be just as available and connected on social media as your customers are
  • What role advertising plays into omnichannel and what problems you may run into
  • How to use customer behavior to deliver timely marketing messages with automation
  • Case studies from Tadashi Shoji and Country Club Prep on how they found success with an omnichannel approach

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