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To stay competitive in today’s market, online stores need the ability to sell both directly through their website and through multiple channel sites, like Amazon. By selling both direct-to-consumer alongside their Amazon store, store owners can gain visibility, sell more products and increase profitability.

Enter our newest feature, Amazon Marketplaces by Springbot.  We now offer an integration that lets you sell your store’s products directly on Amazon without all the hassle and frustration. Once you have your products listed in your Magento store, they can easily be pushed to Amazon in 3 easy steps directly within your Springbot dashboard. 


Choose your Magento products
Quickly and efficiently match to a product on Amazon
Search the entire Amazon catalog to easily match your products


Publish your matched products through the Springbot dashboard
Effortlessly list them on Amazon
We even update Amazon’s inventory with your Magento inventory


See your listed products on Amazon and optimize them to sell, like knowing if you’re winning the ‘Buy Box’ (and getting more sales)
Instantly compare your price to the lowest price and the price winning the ‘Buy Box’

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