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Simple Ways to Use Data to Grow Your New eCommerce Business

data-driven ecommerce marketing

Launching an eCommerce site is a big achievement, but the work has only just begun. As a new eCommerce merchant, it’s crucial for you to get a handle on your marketing data and understand how to leverage it to grow your online store. Analyzing your data can feel overwhelming, especially with how much information we can collect…

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Webinar: The Devil is in the Data

Webinar – Thurs, October 23rd at 2pm EST Register now to learn the smart way to leverage your data for eCommerce success. By now, all retailers have access to incredible amounts of data, information that was totally inaccessible only a couple of years ago.  From customers preferences and shopping patterns to performance and conversion metrics,…

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Three eCommerce Stores Breaking Boundaries Online

eCommerce stores

The best retailers are the ones that are breaking boundaries online in today’s market – offering the best innovation, creativity, and technology in one easy to navigate site. At Springbot, we wanted to recognize a few of those online stores who are breaking the mold and transforming the world of online shopping, eCommerce marketing and…

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4 Ways Big Data is Impacting Online Retailers

Think the term “Big Data” is just another over-used term for 2014? Think again. The buzz surrounding Big Data is not unwarranted. In fact, eCommerce is on the verge of a big shift driven by the availability of Big Data. Not only does it allow retailers to gain deeper insights into their customer’s demographic, purchase history and social data, it…

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6 Tips to Help Small and Medium eCommerce Stores Compete

As an online store owner, you care about your site, the traffic you receive and of course sales. You want it to perform at the best possible level, attract more customers and generate more revenue. However, many small and medium eCommerce stores tend to lack the same name recognition and advertising budget needed to compete…

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Three Benefits of Knowing your Store's Demographic Data

No store can be all things to all people. Instead, store’s must reach specific customers and satisfy their particular needs with the right messages at the right time. In order to run a successful online store, and stay competitive, you must identify your customers, what they want, and when they want it. The question is,…

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