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Customer Testimonials: 7 Reasons Why They Boost Your Sales Numbers

Does your eCommerce website feature customer testimonials? If not, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to drive more conversions and sales to your online store. Customer testimonials are particularly important for online retailers. Online shoppers don’t get the opportunity to physically hold your products or get advice from an in-person sales associate. As a…

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4 Ways Big Data is Impacting Online Retailers

Think the term “Big Data” is just another over-used term for 2014? Think again. The buzz surrounding Big Data is not unwarranted. In fact, eCommerce is on the verge of a big shift driven by the availability of Big Data. Not only does it allow retailers to gain deeper insights into their customer’s demographic, purchase history and social data, it…

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Three Tips on How to Use Social Media Effectively for Customer Service

  Ready to do something really groundbreaking and revolutionary in social media marketing for your online store? Let me blow your mind with these two words: customer service. Time and time again, customers ask me how they can really utilize social media as a marketing tool that drives quality site traffic and ultimately increases revenue.…

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