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Simple Ways to Use Data to Grow Your New eCommerce Business

data-driven ecommerce marketing

Launching an eCommerce site is a big achievement, but the work has only just begun. As a new eCommerce merchant, it’s crucial for you to get a handle on your marketing data and understand how to leverage it to grow your online store. Analyzing your data can feel overwhelming, especially with how much information we can collect…

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Springbot Feature Spotlight: Automated Data-Driven Recommendations

Happy almost Labor Day weekend! As you may recall, back in May, we released Springbot 2.0, an update to our dashboard based on customer input and feedback. Since then, we’ve delivered a number of new features to help you make your marketing campaigns a lot more engaging, easier to track, and of course help you…

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4 Ways Big Data is Impacting Online Retailers

Think the term “Big Data” is just another over-used term for 2014? Think again. The buzz surrounding Big Data is not unwarranted. In fact, eCommerce is on the verge of a big shift driven by the availability of Big Data. Not only does it allow retailers to gain deeper insights into their customer’s demographic, purchase history and social data, it…

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