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Why Email Is Still King

Responding on business e-mail.

As most digital marketers know, the online marketplace changes fast. Marketing tactics that were once effective can become obsolete in the blink of an eye. Despite rapidly changing trends and technologies, email is the one marketing channel that continues to outperform the rest. According to a 2017 Email Marketing Industry Census, email marketing earned the…

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Email Subject Lines: The Good, the Bad, and those Other Ones

How hard can writing an email subject line actually be? And does it even matter what you write? The answer is yes. Think about it. How many unread emails do you currently have in your inbox? 50? 1000? Or if you are like me, and are on every mailing list available, it’s in the ballpark…

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How to Increase your Email List Size and Realize the Incremental Sales Benefits

In today’s super competitive retail climate, all merchants are looking for quick and easy ways to increase traffic and drive incremental sales. While much focus is being placed upon mobile and social media tactics, it can be difficult to truly realize the benefit and ultimately the return on investment for these efforts. With consumers becoming…

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