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Three Tips on How to Use Social Media Effectively for Customer Service

  Ready to do something really groundbreaking and revolutionary in social media marketing for your online store? Let me blow your mind with these two words: customer service. Time and time again, customers ask me how they can really utilize social media as a marketing tool that drives quality site traffic and ultimately increases revenue.…

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Understand the Importance of Revenue Attribution for Social Media

Although social marketing has since proven itself as a useful marketing tool to harness engagement, increase brand awareness, and provide customer insight, connecting it to ROI and attributing it to sales is not as straight forward. That’s we are breaking down what revenue attribution means, types of attribution and, of course, the importance of understanding…

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Five Reasons Our Integration with HootSuite is all the Rage

HootSuite and Springbot have teamed up to launch a new social media marketing application. The new Magento Social by Springbot App is an integrated application that assists with scheduling, revenue attribution tracking, publishing and monitoring of social media campaigns for Magento eCommerce retailers. And we’ve got five really good reasons as to why you should…

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