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Three Tips on How to Use Social Media Effectively for Customer Service


Ready to do something really groundbreaking and revolutionary in social media marketing for your online store? Let me blow your mind with these two words: customer service.

Time and time again, customers ask me how they can really utilize social media as a marketing tool that drives quality site traffic and ultimately increases revenue. My response is always, “How are you currently using social media for customer engagement, support, and service?”

Social media has revolutionized customer service by enabling both consumers and companies to have a shared voice and interact on a public stage, creating a balance that addresses the wants and needs of both. And this is what drives the site traffic that then results in revenue. Yes, social CAN sell.

So where do you start? It’s easy. Simply apply your current customer service practices to social media to build positive relationships with your customers and followers. Start by treating them like real people and having real conversations, showing that you genuinely caring about their issues (and fixing them). Here are my three tips to help you get started on an effective social media strategy for customer service:

1. Customers are number one! Make your customer’s needs a priority. Social media (whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) enables you to gauge what your followers are saying about you    and the products you sell. It allows you to get into a conversation with customers (or potential customers) and engage them directly. When you truly listen to your customers, they will let you know what they want and how you can provide better service and products that answer their needs.

2. Engagement is key. Engage with your customers like they are old friends. Take time to connect with customers to hear their needs, ask questions, ask for product reviews, or ask them what they think of your newest arrivals. Concentrate on what they are really saying and provide an opportunity to connect outside of social media (like email or phone) to bring the connection to a more personal level.

3. Own up to mistakes. Publicly apologize and move on. Social media presents a unique challenge in customer service because it’s public. And this makes complaints public. When complaints arise, listen to the customer and deal with the problem. Immediately. Let your loyal customers know what you have done to resolve the complaint by providing a concrete solution via your social channels. Everyone makes mistakes, its how you deal with those mistakes that set you apart from your competition and can truly help you excel.

Bottom line is this. Using social media as a customer service channel allows you an additional way to engage with your customers and really “WOW” them. And that can be worth its weight in gold.


About The Author

Amber Haack is responsible for customer success at Springbot. Have questions on how Springbot can help you understand the importance of social media marketing for your eCommerce strategy? Email Amber at or post your questions here and we promise to put them in the queue and answer them. And don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @amberhaack.