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Happy almost Labor Day weekend! As you may recall, back in May, we released Springbot 2.0, an update to our dashboard based on customer input and feedback. Since then, we’ve delivered a number of new features to help you make your marketing campaigns a lot more engaging, easier to track, and of course help you pack even more revenue punch. Today we are going to share two of our newest recommendations and why they are so awesome!

Let’s start by explaining what automated data-driven recommendations (aka recos) are and how they work.

Our dashboard addresses many eCommerce problem areas you might be facing by integrating your marketing channels directly into our platform, leveraging your data in real-time, and monitoring marketing actions. It then probes your data (customer, product, purchase, social, etc) for hidden insights so the springbots (your very own army of marketing robots) can help you understand not just the revenue generated but actually who purchased and what they purchased so we can automate the recommendations of what marketing actions you should take next.


Today, we’re sharing a couple of our newest automated data-driven recommendation features:

Reco 1: Weekly Triggered Email Action Overview.

This reco shows you your weekly triggered email summary and automatically lets you know which of your triggered emails are performing well and which ones could use a little love.

And based on your data, like open rate, click through rate, revenue generated, unsubscribe rate, and more, we give you recommendations for improvement like, “We noticed that your click through rate is a little below average. Consider refreshing your content and making sure your call to action button is clear.”



Reco 2: Number of Carts Abandoned Over the Past Two Weeks.

This reco is great because it lets you know how many carts have been abandoned over the past two weeks and helps you rectify this issue by walking you through the steps to activate our automated abandon cart triggered email.


What’s next?

This is just the beginning. We have big plans for a revamp of our current automated data-driven recommendations as well as launching a myriad of brand news ones while continuing to push new reporting features and integrations. Everything on our 2014 road map and beyond  is in service of a single goal: to help you market smarter, not harder. We think that the most successful online stores are the ones who relentlessly innovate, experiment, and use demographic, product, and social data to drive their decisions and track their results. We want to enable you to iterate through that process as fast and efficiently as possible, and we’re building the features to help you do just that. Stay tuned!