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Springbot Feature Spotlight: Nightly and Weekly Summary Emails


It’s the most wonderful time of year! And for most of our eCommerce stores, it’s also the busiest time of year. Between the rush of handling customer calls, fulfilling last minute orders, and managing your store – it can be difficult to find time to harness all of the eCommerce magic that the springbots have to offer.

That’s where Springbot’s newest features come in. Nightly and Weekly Emails are made to bring you peace of mind during this hectic season. So why are these emails so great?  Our email recaps will look at your store’s previous day’s data (or week) and summarize the following:

  • Show all of the marketing actions that you took through Springbot.
  • Display the amount of revenue each channel collected for those actions.
  • View yesterday’s (or last week’s) Engagement Results including site visits, bounce rate, and time on site – as compared to a week ago and a year ago.
  • View yesterday’s (or last week’s) Sales Results including cart adds, cart abandons, orders, average order value, revenue and conversion rate – as compared to a week ago and a year ago.


Example of what your Nightly Email will look like:


 Example of what your Weekly Email will look like:


As this is the busiest time of year for eCommerce stores, we want you to be able to make this season great for your customers. With Springbot’s nightly and weekly emails, you can see how your store is performing faster than ever and get back to doing what matters – focusing on your customers.

To learn more about our newest Springbot features, contact our eCommerce experts at


About the Author

Emily Hankinson is a Customer Relationship Specialist at Springbot. Follow her on Twitter @emilyhankinson for more information.