5 Data-Driven Email Campaigns to Launch in 2015 [Infographic]

The cats out of the bag, or in this case the data. If you are not taking advantage of data-driven marketing, you are likely falling behind your competition.

So what exactly is data-driven marketing and why is it so important?

Data-driven marketing refers to acquiring information about your customer’s needs, wants, demographics and behavior and then analyzing and applying that information to marketing campaigns. In the case of this blog post, we are focusing specifically on email campaigns driven by customer data.

Check out our infographic on 5 data-driven email marketing campaigns you should launch in 2015 and why they are so important to your overall success.

5 Data Driven Email Campaigns 2015

5 Data Driven Email Campaigns 2015



Bottom line is this: Being data-driven is a competitive advantage and a 2015 MUST, especially in the highly competitive world of eCommerce. Leveraging data in a real-time manner, like with an abandoned cart recovery email, makes it possible for you to provide improved communications and interact with your customers in a more in-depth manner, thus driving more conversions and improving customer loyalty. Interested in learning more? Contact our eCommerce marketing experts today.