Springbot Feature Spotlight: New "View" of Our Analytics Dashboard

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For many, starting a new year is a time for self-improvement. One might resolve to get in shape, take control of their personal finances, or even tackle a DIY project at home. Here at Springbot, we’re making some changes of our own. We’ve given our View Dashboard a complete makeover — and we think you’re really going to like what you see!

Why you ask?

Our new eCommerce analytics dashboard takes viewing and managing your customer data to a whole new level. Now it’s easier than ever to export data charts, compare performance between different products or marketing campaigns, and easily track revenue generated from your marketing actions. Plus, this page is completely customizable, so it’s easy to look at the exact data you need.

Ready to take a deeper look inside this new and improved dashboard…

Custom Date Range. The custom data range is one of the biggest improvements you’ll see on this page. When you change the dates at the top of the page, this will affect all of the data you see below. Now, you can easily look at the exact range of data you’re searching for.

View Dashboard - Top Only


Your Store’s Performance. Here you can view your overall performance by metrics such as Revenue, Visits, Cart Adds / Abandons, Conversion Rate and more. You can choose to view all the results based on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly results. This is a great place to get a quick snapshot of how your store is doing across several different metric points.

View Dashboard - Performance


Top  Marketing Channels and Marketing Actions. With our new View Dashboard, you’ll also be able to view your top marketing Channels, Actions and Tags based on various performance metrics. You can even search for specific Actions and Tags and compare them to one another for even more customized results.

View Dashboard - Channels


Get to Know Your Customers. A great new feature is the customer snapshot section. Here we’re able to give you an at-a-glance look into who your average customer is. Pretty cool huh? With this new dashboard feature, you’ll also be able to explore the new vs. returning customers, their marital status, household data like income, gender, age and more. It’s a great way to get to know more about your customers so you can target them more effectively.

Want to know more about your customer’s data but not a Springbot customer? No worries. Check out FreeDemographicSnapshot.com and get demographic data on your customers in seconds.

View Dashboard - Demographics cropped


Top Products & Categories. This is one part of the dashboard that we hope you’ll be really excited about! Here you can view your top products and categories by various performance metrics. Even better? This section is completely customizable — you can add and remove as many items as you like to get the most specific comparison. Basically, this feature will make you feel like a product rockstar.

view_dash_ssf products

Export to CSV. Guess what? This dashboard is built for the visual AND those more comfortable in Excel. Every data chart featured above can now be exported to as a CSV file so you can easily share your custom data with anyone at your company. What more could you ask for?

How to Get Started. If you’re currently a Springbot customer, we will be rolling out your new View Dashboard throughout the month of February so be on the lookout for an announcement from your Customer Success Guru. Not a Springbot customer and interested in learning more? Email us at marketing@springbot.com or register for a demo with one of our eCommerce marketing experts.

That’s it for now! So here’s to a profitable 2015! And look for more exciting new feature announcements throughout 2015.