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The springbots want to hear your feedback!

Customer Success Team

A few months ago the springbots launched customer surveys so our customers can have a voice – letting us (the springbots) know about their journey with Springbot. We listened to what each and every one of our customers said, and now we are putting that feedback into action!

Lets talk a little about each survey

We know that between running your store and marketing your business, you are BUSY. That is why we kept our surveys short and sweet. We wanted to hear about every step of the way (yep, that’s right, we wanted to hear about the good and the bad). This is why we launched four different surveys that are sent out to customers throughout their time with Springbot.

We started with the Post Coaching Call Survey to get an idea of how the on-boarding process was for our customers – we’re quickly learning that many of our customers are quickly connected with their coaches on LinkedIn!!

Next we launched our 30 Day and 90 Day Surveys! In these surveys we want to hear about your experience with Springbot after you have been able to dive in and become a Springbot expert! Let us know what’s working and what’s not so that we can make sure each customer’s experience with Springbot is even better than the last.

Finally, if a customer chooses to leave Springbot, we send out our Exit Survey to find out a little bit more about the reasons they chose to leave the Springbot family, like switching shopping cart platforms. Even though these are our least favorite surveys to send, we find the feedback incredibly valuable and it allows us to make sure that parting ways with Springbot feels less like a breakup and more like a see you later.

So now that we have all of this feedback, what have we done with it?

Easy. We used all of our customers’ feedback to make improvements to Springbot and continue to build a world-class eCommerce marketing platform they dream about (insert jumping sheep here).

We asked, we listened, and we took action! Check out some of our customer quotes and what the springbots did to make it happen!

Customer Quote: “I’m looking for additional assistance with strategies and engagement.”

The Springbot Action: Springbot held its most successful webinar to date! On April 14, 2015, Springbot hosted the webinar “11 SEO Tips for Magento Stores.” Customers asked for SEO tips, and with Springbot’s extensive partner network, this was easy to deliver on. The webinar was aimed to provide our customers with insights about navigating the SEO eCommerce space as well as to how to compete against other online businesses. The webinar was so popular that we already have customers asking when the next one will be — don’t worry, we will keep you posted! BUT we can tell you it will be in August.

Customer Quote: “The recommendations are great – I wish there was a way to say … this is not necessary — for example if it suggests adjusting the SEO for a product that you don’t want to push … you cannot get that type of recommendation again? Maybe I haven’t figured out to dismiss a certain type of recommendation?”

The Springbot Action: The springbots have created recommendations that now get smarter with you! Let’s say that you take a certain type of recommendation a lot, Springbot will recognize that you find value in that specific type of recommendation and we will start to populate similar recommendations in your dashboard. If there is a type of recommendation that you are saying “No thank you” to often, Springbot will recognize that you don’t see value in that type of recommendation and we will start to pull those back so you won’t see them as often.

Ultimately these surveys give our customers a voice and allow the springbots (that’s us) to continue to improve our product and service. Thank you to all of those who took the time to complete a survey – we’re listening!

Still waiting to receive your survey? Just shoot us an email to