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You may see an increase in sales when you send out a discount code to your customers, but how do you know which channels the code performs best on? Which promo code leads to a higher average order value than the others? How much are your promo codes cutting into your bottom line? What’s the ROI of each code?

We’ve launched a new feature to automatically generate a report of your promo codes’ performance within your Springbot dashboard. With Springbot’s Promo Code feature, you won’t have to manually pull the data and calculate the ROI of each promo code.

On the high-level Promo Codes report, you’ll see a list of all of the promo codes you’ve created and their:

  • Total Revenue
  • Orders Generated
  • Cost to You
  • Average Order Value
  • Return on Investment




You’ll get an even more granular view of your promo codes when you click on a code’s details page. On this page you’ll see:

  • A graph showing revenue, orders, cost, average order value, or ROI over time
  • Top products that are purchased with the code and their revenue
  • Actions that lead to purchase (newsletters, triggered emails, etc) and their revenue
  • Demographic data of customers who have used the code
  • Referring URLs (and revenue generated from each)

What’s the point of all of this data? By breaking down the performance of each promo code, you can replicate the success of your top promo codes in future campaigns. If that doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will!

Want to learn more about how Springbot give your more understanding of your store’s marketing and helps you take more informed actions? Talk to one of our eCommerce Marketing Experts!