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7 Ways to Maximize the Impact of Social Marketing in Your Already Busy Schedule

With the rise of cloud and the adoption of social and mobile, consumers are now empowered to search, discover, engage, evaluate and gather information on brands and products before ever having a direct interaction with a business. According to GlobalWebIndex, 28% of all time spent online is on social media. It’s changing the way we…

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4 Ways to Apply Design Elements and Trends to Your Online Store

One thing we often think about at Springbot, is ways designers can adapt brands to keep up with new trends, or even if it should adapt. In our minds, a lot of recent design trends have an intrinsic value but end up being overused and too-closely followed. Just because a new design trend is all the rage and…

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How Springbot's New RFM Segments Helps You Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

  Springbot’s product development team is completely obsessed with making our platform more valuable for our customers, and we’re completely okay with that. Their latest feature release reflects their dedication to providing value to our customers by showing them the value of their customers. The new feature, RFM Segments, automatically groups a store’s customer base…

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