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Nearly a year ago, we released our first Instagram integration that monetizes retailers’ profiles by allowing customers to shop their products right from the app. To do this, store owners create a custom landing page through their Springbot dashboard that features selected products from their stores with the option to go directly to the product page or to enter an email for a reminder. With all of the new changes to Instagram, including updates to the look and feel, image ratios, and an algorithmic feed, we decided to freshen up the functionality of our Instagram integration.


What does it do?

With our new Advanced Instagram Shop, you can create a custom landing page that pulls in a live feed of your Instagram photos along with their featured products that you assign. Now, you not only have a custom landing page for your bio, but you have more control over what your audience sees when they click on the page.

instagram v2 screenshot 2

What options do I have?

You’ll have the ability to choose exactly which of your Instagram photos you want to show on your custom landing page, or we’ll pull in a live feed of your photos automatically for you. From there, you can tag images with the products that are featured in your images. If you want to just feature the products on the page instead of the Instagram photos that contain them, you have that option as well. We like to make things as easy and flexible as possible – we’re just cool like that.

What does this mean for my followers?

When you post an image that contains a product from your store, you can include the text “link in bio” to direct them to your landing page for more information. If you’ve selected to pull in images directly from your Instagram, your followers will see the exact image that piqued their interest in your product. When they tap on the image, the image will pop uppopup along with the products you’ve assigned to it below. The product links under the image will take the shopper directly to your product page where they can make their purchase!

You can also include a “Remind Me” button next to the items you assign. This allows shoppers to simply enter their email to receive a reminder to check out the product later without interrupting their Instagramming. The reminder is a triggered email that you design one time and we’ll pull in the product links and send them out automatically for you.

How does this help my store?

With the recent change to an algorithmic feed, it’s becoming more difficult for retailers to not only capture their followers’ interest but also see a return on their investment. Because there is currently no way to include clickable links on Instagram, retailers often include a link to their store’s home page or a product collection. This is a start, but it doesn’t give you much control over the path-to-purchase once a shopper lands on your page.

Our Advanced Instagram Shop landing page gives you more control over what shoppers see when they click the link in your bio and creates a more seamless and intuitive experience for both you and your Instagram followers. It also reduces friction to checkout from social media which is a layup for any digital marketer in the eCommerce space. In essence, you’re walking your followers from your Instagram to the product pages to checkout — all without lifting a finger after the initial setup.

How do I know if my Instagram Shop page is converting?

Like literally every action you take in your Springbot Dashboard, you’ll find a report of clicks, orders, revenue, average order value, return on investment, and more for your Instagram Shop page and the triggered Remind Me email (if you elect to turn it on). You’ll also see the exact orders that came in through these actions, who purchased, the most popular products, and referring URLs.

Not a Springbot customer and interesting in learning more about this feature? Schedule a product tour with one of our eCommerce marketing consultants today.