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Imagine Commerce 2016 Session Recap: Optimizing Performance – Magento 2.0 Best Practices

From new Magento product launches to tips and tricks on omnichannel marketing, the morning breakout sessions set the tone for day two of Imagine 2016: in the ever-changing and increasingly-competitive world of commerce, it’s clear that stores need to think fast, innovate, be connected, be fearless, and just have fun with it.

And while our morning was jammed packed attending the Keynote session and breakout sessions including Today’s Buyers Journey: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, that didn’t  stop us from taking a moment to sit down with Joe Reger, our CTO and cofounder, to recap a breakout session topic that has been a hot topic around the Springbot office: #Magento2

Session recap – Optimizing Performance: Magento 2.0 Best Practices

Joe’s goal? Understand the process for migrating from Magento 1.0 to 2.0 – including what steps stores can take to optimize on the new platform. After all, it can be a big undertaking, especially for a thriving store with active customers and lots of traffic.

Joe’s take from today’s session:

No two stores are alike, so the specific way that your development team configures Magento 2.0 is critical. Magento 2.0 brings a lot of new scaling capabilities to the platform to support nearly any store. Other insights include:

  • Magento 2.0 has made significant performance improvements compared to previous versions if configured correctly.
  • Having a staging and testing plan is critical. This plan should include time to load test your application at and beyond your current traffic levels.
  • Moving to PHP7 is a big performance improvement for Magento 2.0 stores. However, stores need to be purposeful and careful in moving to PHP7.

Most interesting lesson learned: 

The extent to which Magento addressed scaling concerns in Magento 2.0. They’ve clearly been listening to their customers and are reacting. It’s a beautiful thing and a true indication of the power of the #RealMagento community.

Key takeaway for merchants: 

The risk of upgrading to Magento 2.0 and then experiencing poor performance can give you a bad sales month or worse. Just make sure you are ready!

Did we miss something? Comment below or tweet us @springbot. We would LOVE to hear from you. And if you’re here at Imagine, make sure to visit us in booth 412! We’re the ones with the green shoes and friendly smiles.