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Imagine Commerce 2016 Session Recap: That Was Easy – Setting Up a Magento 2.0 Store

Today at Imagine, Magento unveiled stats on the success of Magento 2.0. In just 4 months, over 800 stores have pushed live on the new version, there are now over 105 trained partners (and growing!).

Once you decide you want to migrate your store to Magento 2.0, one of the most fundamental things you need to do is implement the setup process without interupting your store’s success. Jarrett Board, our Product Manager, wanted to understand what store owners will need to do to set up their store on Magento 2, so he attended the breakout session “That Was Easy: Setting Up a Magento 2.0 Store” given by Deryck Harlick and Brent Peterson. At the session, Deryck and Brent showed how simple it is to set up a store on Magento 2.0 and how it could be done in a day (great news for busy store owners!).


Jarrett’s insights from today’s session:

Deryck and Brent made the process look simple for stores who plan ahead and coordinate their teams to handle the migration. One of the best parts of Magento 2.0 is you can set up your store without any programming. Start with your Admin panel, add your products, configure payment and shipping, make yourself a sandwich, and you’re done (sandwich optional but encouraged).

Magento 2.0 seems to also be more user-friendly for merchants and can even be used on a tablet. Bulk uploading multiple products via spreadsheet is also simpler than on previous versions. With all of these new updates, adoption of Magento 2.0 is growing rapidly and we’re pumped to join in as our community of stores migrate to the new version!

Are you planning to migrate your Magento store to 2.0 or have you already done so? We want to hear about it! Tweet us @springbot to let us know how it’s going.