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The springbot crew made it back from Magento Imagine 2016 in one piece, and we’re still buzzing about the people we met and the things we learned about. One of the most incredible things about Imagine is that there’s always something for everyone — whether they’re a marketing director, developer, product manager, and anything in between. There were so many amazing Imagine 2016 breakout sessions, and we recapped some of our favorites we attended in case you missed them!

A Multichannel Merchant Merchant Finds Its Email Groove
Mike Girardin, Director of eCommerce at Silver Jeans, presented on breathing life into an old email marketing strategy and keeping it fresh for a greater return.

That Was Easy: Setting Up a Magento 2.0 Store
Deryck Harlick and Brent Peterson showed how simple it is to set up a store on Magento 2.0 and how it could be done in a day (great news for busy store owners!).

Optimizing Performance: Magento 2.0 Best Practices
Miguel Balparda explained the process for migrating from Magento 1.0 to 2.0 – including what steps stores can take to optimize on the new platform

Today’s Buyer Journey: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Erika Brookes laid out today’s buyer journey discovery, influence, and purchase, and she gave actionable insights for increasing conversions for a seamless customer experience from beginning to end.

Maximizing Social Media – Opportunities to Enable Commerce Success
We heard from a diverse group of panelists who shared their success stories and strategies for creating highly shared content, creating engaged communities, and capturing more sales.

Magento 2 Developer Deep Dive
Magento’s Engineering Team experts explained all of the technical aspects of Magento 2 for front-end developers, back-end developers, and technical executives.

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