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At Magento Imagine 2016 this year, we presented a breakout session on how omnichannel marketing is bridging the gap between merchants and today’s hyper-connected buyer. Our Chief Marketing Officer Erika Brookes presented on how mobile has changed the game for retail and has led to an increased need for a more integrated retail experience. This means breaking down silos, connecting marketing channels, and personalizing the customer experience.

You’re probably already familiar with omnichannel marketing, but do you know why you need it and how to begin incorporating it into your overall strategy? Check out Erika’s presentation below for a research-backed look at today’s buyer journey (the good, the bad, and the ugly!).


Want even more strategies, tips, and case studies on omnichannel strategy? We turned the massive amount of data from our Springbot platform into an eBook on omnichannel marketing featuring a handful of fashion brands, and it’s available for download below! The insight in this eBook includes:

  • What the most common traits of today’s consumer are and how retailers can adapt to their behaviors
  • How having analytics and measurement tools in place will save you time
  • Why you need to be just as available and connected on social media as your customers are
  • What role advertising plays into omnichannel and what problems you may run into
  • How to use customer behavior to deliver timely marketing messages with automation
  • Case studies from Tadashi Shoji and Country Club Prep

greenebook2Check out our latest eBook, Fashion, the Ecommerce Evolution and the Omnichannel Imperative to learn more on how you can apply these strategies and practical #protips to your store long before the holiday rush!

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