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Attracting new customers and drumming up continuous business are important concerns for any retail store, but this is especially the case for small and independently owned stores. In today’s retail space, coupon codes are one of the most effective ways to do this, and with good reason. All consumers – even those with plenty of money to pay for the goods and services they want – welcome an opportunity to receive a discount and save money.

Once you decide that coupon codes are right for your company, it’s time to decide on a marketing strategy that maximizes their effectiveness. The key to success is to have a fully formed strategy in mind before you begin. Here, we’ll go over some of the ways your team can ensure effective coupon code marketing in line with your store’s business goals.

Use coupon codes to encourage repeat business.

Repeat business is a must when it comes to the success of your online store, and coupon codes can help make sure you get it. Consider emailing your customers a code good for a discount on their next purchase. Many people will feel like they’re losing money if they don’t use it and will make it a point to do so.

Alternatively, you can include thank you notes complete with printed coupon codes to be shipped along with their merchandise. This is also a wonderful way to personalize what you do for your customers and ensure they feel special.

Our newest feature, Unique Coupon Codes, allows customers to send out a post-purchase email that includes a unique coupon code. Automated triggered emails provide great engagement with the customer and encourage action while building loyalty to your brand.

Make sure codes are as easy to remember as possible.

The simpler it is for your customer to remember a given code, the more likely they are to actually redeem it by making a purchase. This is especially the case when it comes to codes introduced via social media and other similar avenues. Go for words and phrases likely to stick in the mind, such as “SEPTEMBERSAVINGS” or “FREEBIE2016”. Much easier to recall than a random jumble of letters and numbers!

For years, merchants have used generic discount codes to drive website traffic and attract customers by offering light discounts like a percentage off or free shipping. With the launch of Unique Coupon Codes, the latest upgrade to our core eCommerce marketing platform, we can now provide merchants with the opportunity to personalize offers to customer segments. This feature helps marketers manage the distribution of coupon codes, reduce discount code abuse, learn about customer behavior, and drive overall sales.

Partner with appropriate bloggers in your same niche.

Forming partnerships with popular bloggers that tackle topics of interest to your customers is more than a great way to help boost SEO. It’s a great way to market your coupon codes as well. Consider providing bloggers with special codes that will be exclusive to their readers. Not only is this another way for them to keep their readers happy, but it’s a fantastic way to encourage interested parties to become customers of yours.

Use coupon codes as an incentive to perform specific actions.

Every business needs a following, and yours is no exception. However, it’s easier to build an effective one when you offer people a few incentives to become part of it. What better incentive than a possible discount on a future purchase?

Hand out coupon codes as rewards for completing very specific actions. Examples include following your company on Twitter, signing up for a newsletter, liking your Facebook page, sharing a particular post with their own readership, and so forth. Once you discover the power of the coupon code, you will be rewarded with increased customer engagement and stronger sales.

Turn interested offline parties into online customers.

Even if your business is wholly or mostly operated online, it’s important to remember there’s a whole world out there beyond the computer screen – a world full of people you can reach in person. Consider attending an event like a convention, an expo, a cultural festival, or other offline event. Rub elbows with people interested in your goods and services.

Pass out promotional material or business cards that come alongside a special coupon code as well. In no time flat you’ll see new orders rolling in. Don’t forget to harness every opportunity to collect email address of potential customers. That way, you can send them a unique coupon code to start off the relationship on the best note.

Leverage coupon codes to create a sense of urgency.

Even if your product is fantastic and the price is just right, you’ll still see your share of potential customers that want to “think about it” before finalizing their purchases. Still more will tell themselves “I’ll buy it later” only to forget about ever coming back.

Unique coupon codes can be a powerful ally when it comes to your abandoned cart email strategy. If someone adds an item to their cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, take the opportunity to send them an email to prompt them to action. For the second email (we recommend sending it 2 or 3 days later), you could offer a unique coupon code.

Encourage that customer to complete their purchase now by offering them access to a discount that expires quickly – within a day or a few hours. You can even generate coupon codes that need to be used immediately.

Opt for professional assistance.

Enlisting the aid of a professional eCommerce marketing platform like yours truly is an excellent way to get the absolute most out of your coupon code marketing strategy. Explore the possibilities today!