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Turning customers into fans.  That’s the number one goal of Springbot’s Customer Success team – as well as one of the company’s core values.  This group of team members is responsible for providing the ultimate Springbot experience – from the initial kickoff and onboarding call, to providing strategy and best practice ideas to ensure our customers’ success.  

Simply put, this team puts the human element into “the springbots.”  They’re available to our customers – via phone, email and if you’re an Atlanta-local, even an in-person meeting! So as we all prep for the holidays – when many people share what they’re thankful for – we wanted to share a few things that we hear everyday from our customers (via surveys, emails and phone calls) about just how special this team is.


1. They’re accessible & available.

So you’re in the middle of sending an email campaign and have an urgent question – fret not!  Springbot’s Customer Success team is available and at-the-ready – feel free to email your dedicated Account Manager or talk to us by phone (yes, to a real live person!).  We don’t hide our support phone number. In fact, it’s in the footer of our website (seriously, take a look!).

And as we mentioned, each customer has a dedicated Customer Success Manager.  This 1:1 relationship provides Springbot with the ability to get to know you and your business – and it makes solving problems and generating marketing results a breeze.  As many of Springbot customers say, “Springbot is an extension of our team!

2. They’re ridiculously passionate.

One of our four core values at Springbot is, “Turning customers into fans.” Every single one of our Customer Success team members is a leader for the rest of the company in this respect. Their enthusiasm for eCommerce marketing, championing small businesses, and the solutions Springbot offers is contagious, and many of our customers have caught the bug.


3. They’re eCommerce marketing experts.

We have some insanely knowledgeable people in this office. Want to know what the best board game is, how dropshipping works, which cut of meat is the best? We have a springbot who can answer each of these and more. But if it’s eCommerce marketing best practices, marketing automation strategies, retargeting tips, social media tricks, and the likes, we’d point you over to our Customer Success team members.

Not only do they stay up-to-date in the latest strategies, but they also work every day with more than 1,000 eCommerce retailers and marketers to put those best practices into place.

If you have a question about your eCommerce marketing, let Springbot’s Customer Success team show you exactly how our solutions can help you achieve better results. To learn more about the Springbot Experience, check out this customer experience timeline!