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The eCommerce Scorecard allows online merchants to compare their marketing results to their peers monthly.

Atlanta, Ga., January 10, 2016 – With the new year in full swing, online retailers are relying on a number of marketing channels to attract new customers and drive sales. To provide retailers with a quick snapshot of how they are doing and stack up against their peers, Springbot today launched its free eCommerce Scorecard

The Springbot eCommerce Scorecard will help store owners gauge how well they are doing, identify under-utilized marketing areas that are providing results for similar stores, and provide best practice recommendations to guide retailers through setting up those marketing activities.

With this tool, retailers have the option to review their results on a recurring basis in order to track changes made to their strategy. Online store owners are also able to compare their social engagement — including posts per month, page likes, and site visitors — to other retailers of a similar size.

“Springbot’s eCommerce Scorecard allows us to peel back the curtain and evaluate how well we are doing, or could be doing, compared to our peers,” said Reggie Black, Manager Partner of Better Way Health. “The report is easy to understand and includes customized recommendations based on my individual store’s scorecard. This gives me insight on what’s working and what isn’t based on stores like mine.”

“Most retailers want to know not only how their store is performing, but also how they can improve. Our mission is to help the small-to-medium sized merchants succeed, and this is just another great example of how we provide best practices, tools, and resources to do just that,” said Erika Jolly Brookes, CMO at Springbot.

Springbot’s eCommerce Scorecard is available for all online stores using Google Analytics and Facebook. To learn more about eCommerce Scorecard by Springbot, visit: //

About Springbot

Springbot delivers an eCommerce marketing platform to small and medium businesses that combines the power of marketing automation and marketing analytics. The cloud-based offering integrates and makes simple the data, content and multi-channel marketing tools (social, online, email, etc.) eCommerce website owners need to drive more traffic, conversions and revenue. Springbot helps eCommerce Shopify and Magento merchants grow their revenue by taking smarter, data-driven marketing actions.

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