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Facebook now has two billion users and is used by roughly two-thirds of the world’s population. If you’re not advertising on Facebook (or still thinking about it), now is a good time to get started.

Facebook’s advertising platform offers marketers a huge potential to grow their brand and expand their reach, but how do you create Facebook ads that grab your audience’s attention and inspire them to click to action?

Don’t let a crowded newsfeed stop you from advertising on Facebook. With these eight strategies, you can create compelling Facebook ads that inspire users to click and convert.

#1: Acknowledge Important Milestones

Graduations, birthdays, engagements, a recent home purchase—there are plenty of important milestones that your Facebook audience are celebrating at any given moment. This is your opportunity to celebrate their big moments and grow closer to your customers.

By building a Custom Audience based on specific milestones, you can create ads that are relevant and build a strong connection with your audience. For example, you could segment your audience by those who have upcoming anniversaries and create an ad featuring great gift ideas.

#2: Reward Your Most Loyal Customers

Acquiring new customers is important for any eCommerce business, but it’s your existing customers who drive the most revenue to your online store. Why not reward them for their loyalty?

You can create specific offers targeted at users who have liked your Facebook page or made a recent purchase from your online store, or those who have the highest customer lifetime value.

Because they are already familiar with your brand, you can either sell directly to them or offer an exclusive discount or complimentary offers. This strategy will keep your offers relevant and solidify your customer’s brand loyalty.

#3: Build Rapport with New Customers Using Lookalike Audiences

If the goal of your Facebook ad campaign is lead generation, then there is no better way to accomplish this goal than by utilizing Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences feature. This feature finds new audiences that closely resemble your existing customers.

Although these users resemble your current customers, they may not be aware of your brand. Instead of a hard sell, use this opportunity to build a relationship with them. For instance, create an Offer Ad that gives them a free eBook or offers them a free trial for your products or services.


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#4: Recapture Lost Shoppers with Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are a must for any eCommerce business. Through an implemented pixel, these ads allow you to showcase relevant products to those who have already expressed interest in your brand.

Once a visitor interacts with your website, the Facebook pixel follows them back to Facebook and puts the product back in front of them, helping you recapture the sale.

If you need help setting up dynamic ads for Facebook, the Springbot team is always happy to help. You can even build dynamic ad campaigns directly within our marketing platform.

#5: Create a Custom Audience Based on Customer Lifetime Value

Good news, marketers! Facebook recently released Customer Lifetime Value Lookalike Audiences, a feature which has been in beta testing for the past year. This feature enables advertisers to create lookalike audiences that resemble their high-value customers.

Essentially, you can now target audiences who are more likely to purchase from your online store and become loyal customers. What business owner wouldn’t want that?

#6: Reach Core Audiences with Layered Targeting

Facebook can target audiences based on more than simple demographics and geolocation. With its layered targeting capabilities, Facebook gives you the opportunity to laser-focus your ad campaigns. This approach is key to keeping your ad budget low and conversion rate high.

Let’s say that you sell sports jerseys for dogs. To reach this niche audience, you should be targeting Facebook users who have an interest in both dogs and sports. Rather than target all dog lovers, you are focused on hyper-targeting an audience that is far more likely to be interested in your ads.

#7: Leverage Different Ad Formats to Achieve Your Goals

There is an impressive amount of ad formats on Facebook. Which formats should you choose? The right answer really depends on your goals.

Want to sell a wide range of products? Multi-product ads (also known as carousel ads) allow eCommerce merchants to showcase multiple products with a single ad format.

Is your goal to acquire new leads? Facebook’s Lead Ads makes it incredibly simple to collect a prospect’s information.

#8: Create High-Quality Video Ads to Engage Audiences

According to Adobe, shoppers who view videos are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than non-video viewers. This might explain why creating videos is a high priority for eCommerce marketers this year.

Video ads are particularly effective at engaging audiences on Facebook. However, the competition is heating up, and your videos need to be high quality if you want them to stand out.

To get the highest engagement and conversion rates, follow a few simple best strategies for Facebook video ads. Try creating engaging videos that capture the viewer’s attention or curiosity and customize it to appeal to multiple audiences. Visual storytelling is a great way to reach your audience and inspire interaction and conversion.


As you can see from the strategies above, the key to creating compelling Facebook ads is targeting the right audience with relevant offers. Whether your goal is to generate leads, grow your brand identity, or increase your sales, your ad campaigns need to be focused on your audience if you want to reap the highest rewards.

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