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data-driven strategies

We probably don’t have to explain why finding the right customer is crucial to the success of your online business but indulge us for a moment. Marketing to precisely the right client at the right time — called target marketing — helps you grow your bottom line in two ways.

First, it eliminates wasted dollars spent targeting people who aren’t likely to buy your product, and secondly, it caters to customers who are already interested in what you offer.

In short, focusing on who your shoppers are and how they engage with your brand is a more affordable, efficient and effective way to ramp up online sales. Thus, coming up with data-driven strategies to identify and engage online shoppers is vital to a successful selling strategy.

We believe that data-driven marketing and target marketing work best in tandem. And you really can’t have one without the other in today’s digital marketing landscape. Springbot can help you build a smart marketing approach using tools that master your metrics.

Using Data Insights for Identification and Engagement

You already know that you need powerful analytics tools to understand your core consumer. The right data and metrics will help you identify market gaps, meet customer expectations and grow your sales. So which data insights should you be using? The answer to that question will help you both identify your customer and engage with them as well.

  • Traffic Sources — Understanding where most of your traffic comes from can provide valuable insight into who your target consumer is and how he or she shops. You can track your traffic through handy Springbot tools like trackable links that give you deep insight into metrics like how many times a link was viewed and what brought a viewer to your site. If you see more engagement from, say, Twitter compared with Facebook or Instagram, then you’ll know you should use that platform to engage more with your audience.
  • Demographic Data — Make sure to integrate an analytics tool into your eCommerce store so that you can easily track customers’ demographic data. Knowing their age, gender, income and other factors allow you to draw conclusions and identify a target market. Once you know your target audience, spend some time learning the consumer landscape to figure out how your ideal customer tends to shop. 

data-driven strategies

  • Customer Segmenting — Another great thing about using Springbot is that we provide super-simple customer segment tools that allow you to build specific audience groups. As you already know, the more information you can gather, the more tailored your marketing strategy can become. These tools allow you to build highly personalized marketing campaigns specifically for your customer base.
  • Social Media Data These days, there’s a good chance that your customers and prospective buyers will engage with you more via social media than they will through your website or app. But activity and followers mean nothing if you can’t easily track and analyze them. Use our social media analytics tool to learn more about your customers through their social media profiles and determine if certain platforms are bringing in more engagement than others.
  • Targeted Ads  Understanding how your ads performed in certain areas and among certain demographics will help you engage online shoppers. Once you can draw conclusions about the success of a specific ad or campaign, you can use the metrics to help build out segmented advertising profiles that reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Product Conversion Reports — When you have a solid grip on what products or categories outperform others, you can build campaigns based on that sector. But to do this, you must have in-depth, data-focused product conversion reports and insights that provide you with metrics like the number of views, abandoned carts and conversions.

Savvy eCommerce businesses know that finding the right customer base is critical to their success. Dive into your data to uncover the most successful ways to get your marketing message in front of your target audience to build brand loyalty and maximize your ROI.

Pro-Tip: Did you know that you can use email to personalize the customer journey? Learn more in our webinar with, Customer Loyalty: Sweetening the Deal with Email Marketing.