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Most small business online retailers dream of having the marketing data and resources of the big guys like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.

What if they could?

Springbot launched a service called Springbot Exchange that provides retailers access to data and resources typically only available to large retailers.

Audience Expander, the first available feature of Springbot Exchange, helps digital eCommerce marketers access new audiences and expand the reach of their existing marketing efforts.

The company explains the new service this way:

“Audience Expander algorithmically matches a retailer’s anonymized customer data to identify look-alike prospects in Springbot Exchange. Automated email marketing campaigns are then sent to the consumers most likely to engage with the retailer’s brand. Privacy and security are enabled by managing the retailer’s access to the look-alike audience information. Retailers are only provided the prospect’s details when the consumer engages with the campaign. In addition, any Springbot Exchange participating retailer’s information is anonymized.”

Springbot Announcement

What this means is that users of Springbot Exchange gain access to data from participating Springbot retailers and from a data pool provided from Springbot’s partner connections.

Essentially a pool of eCommerce businesses share marketing data to help each other find new audiences and customers. But it is shared in a responsible way to not invade consumer privacy or share sensitive businesses data between retailers.


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