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To help you formulate a solid marketing strategy that considers expected customer behaviors and industry shifts, this article explores nine e-commerce trends we are likely to see over the next twelve months.

Erika Jolly Brookes, CMO, Springbot

With 2017 well behind us and the chaos of a new year back in order, it’s time to take an unfettered look into the future. We’ve rounded up all of the most likely imminent e-commerce trends to help you formulate a solid marketing strategy that caters to your customer and grows your bottom line.

You’ve heard it before, to compete, marketers need to create tailored shopping encounters that improve customer and user experience. The most effective way to do that is to pay very close attention to customer behavior and integrate data-driven marketing strategies into your planning.

1. Transformation of Retail

You simply can’t talk about the e-commerce landscape without looking at the bigger picture of retail. According to TimeTrade’s 2017 State of Retail report, despite hype to the contrary, in-store shopping continues to thrive. Brick-and-mortar businesses are quickly transforming themselves into brick-and-click companies, using online shopping to help boost sales.

How are big-name brands adapting to the ever-changing online shopping landscape? They’re catering to consumers who research online and purchase offline (more on that below), and they’re creating more personalized shopping experiences. Personalization was cited as the second-highest value by consumers when shopping in-store, just after prompt, friendly customer service.


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