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Custom Packaging with Uppercut Box

You can likely spot an Amazon shipping box from quite a ways away. The reason for this is that Amazon has put effort into creating distinct, customized packaging for shipping the products they sell. Why would they do this? There are a number of key reasons why companies big and small use custom shipping packages. We’ve identified five key benefits of using custom shipping packages below.

Branding Purposes

All businesses should be focused on growing their brand. Your brand is essentially what your company is — what makes it unique and recognizable. Custom boxes with your logo and brand colors help create that image. Printing your logo on your shipping boxes builds brand recognition which brings your company to mind every time someone sees one of your boxes. Boxes are often reused by customers, which extends your reach even further. People who have never heard of your company might become intrigued and check it out if they receive a box with your information on it. This essentially turns your shipping boxes into a new advertising tool.

A More Professional Appearance

Custom boxes make your company appear more legitimate. This makes customers feel more comfortable buying from you again, especially if they were having reservations or might have been on the fence about buying from you for miscellaneous reasons. First impressions matter significantly, so you should put substantial care into ensuring your boxes are packed securely but also in a way they can be conveniently opened. This affects how people respond to your logo on the box because if they are pleased with how the item arrived, they will be reminded that it came from your company. If they are displeased, the fact that it was from your company will be right in their faces. This is why custom boxes and quality packing are critically intertwined when it comes to presenting a professional appearance.

Custom Sizing Options

Your products may not necessarily fit well into standard sized boxes. This can force you to buy standard boxes of differing sizes or sizes that are slightly too big for your products. With custom boxes, this is no longer a problem. Custom boxes can be made to any odd shape or size to best accommodate what you sell. This can help prevent damage to the item during shipping and reduce the number of returns or complaints about products arriving in disrepair. It also, as outlined in the next section, can save significant money on shipping costs.

Cost Efficiency

Having custom packaging made for your products means you aren’t using larger boxes than you need. This ensures you are not paying for excess packaging, which saves your company significant amounts of money over time. Custom packaging can be bought in bulk to maximize cost efficiency as well, so it is unlikely to be substantially more expensive than using regular packaging once everything is added up. Custom boxes are also likely to save your business money on shipping costs because the major shipping companies now charge for volume in addition to just weight.

Easier to Store and Ship

Boxes that are of an unideal size will take up more space than necessary. Custom boxes are all the same size and can be easily stacked to maximize storage efficiency. High-quality custom boxes are much less likely to collapse while stacked together in storage, which generates less waste in destroyed packaging. Custom boxes are even more beneficial if you ship the products yourself in delivery trucks. They make packing the boxes together much easier and more space efficient.

If your business is not yet using custom packaging, you should consider it. This is especially true if the items you sell do not fit very well into standard boxes. It is even more important if your business is based entirely online, as your packaging will be one of the biggest interactions most customers have with your company. Switch over to custom packaging in order to put your best foot forward. Interested in adding a personal touch to your packaging? In this infographic, Uppercut Box shares a few tips, as well as some factors you’ll want to consider before your design reaches the masses.

Joe Humphries About the Author

Joe Humphries is a contributing writer and media specialist for Uppercut Box. He regularly writes for branding and marketing blogs.

About the Company

Located in Nashville, TN, Uppercut Box Company is a producer and manufacturer of customized boxes for shipping and packaging. Their emphasis is on minimizing material usage to keep costs low while providing adequate protection to their customers.  They also offer in-house design services from branding to product messaging with the help of on-staff professionally trained designers.