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Getting Started with Social Advertising and Gaining Value

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur selling products online, by now you know that a lack of social presence can equate to a lack in potential revenue. With any audience, social media should play a critical role for eCommerce marketers as a channel to build awareness, share positive stories and encourage influencer sharing with the billions of people who spend time online daily.

However, the ability for brands to gain significant visibility through organic social engagements has been in decline, with Facebook announcing that they are de-prioritizing organic brand content in newsfeeds being the latest blow to marketing team results. To reach the significant potential audience that social networks represent, more and more online retailers are looking to paid social marketing, such as boosting posts or creating ad campaigns, to get in front of their ideal audience.

Particularly for SOHOs and SMBs, which make up more than 98 percent of online retailers, social advertising can be intimidating. Building a social media campaign can be overwhelming, particularly for a store owner who is already tasked with the responsibilities of all the other aspects of the business. I’m here to tell you that it is possible and worthwhile to work paid social into your marketing activity, even if you only have a small budget and limited resources to allocate.

Below are a few tips to put you at ease, get you started and optimize your budget for successful social promotion of your online store.


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