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The latest feature of the Springbot Exchange data co-op engages potential customers

Atlanta, GA – August 7, 2018 – Springbot, a data-driven marketing platform for eCommerce retailers, today announced Onsite Abandonment, the latest feature to integrate with Springbot Exchange, a data cooperative developed uniquely for eCommerce SMBs. Springbot Exchange gives merchants access to data typically only available to large retailers to help them engage more customers. Its latest innovation, Onsite Abandonment, allows retailers to deliver personalized email marketing messages to current and potential customers who visited their online store but did not make a purchase.

One of the biggest challenges SMB merchants face is reaching website visitors with targeted marketing. “With Onsite Abandonment, retailers have the opportunity to send a reminder email to known prospects, which is much more likely to drive purchases,” said Jarrett Board, head of product management at Springbot. “The re-engagement opportunity is significant given the overwhelming percentage of traffic that is otherwise lost.”

“Following up with known customers who do not make a purchase is an important marketing activity, but the ability to connect with prospects who are not yet active customers is a potential goldmine,” said Amber Marker, CEO and designer of Declan + Crew. “Whenever we can get more personalized with our marketing messages, we see a positive impact on results. The combination of valuable data provided by Springbot Exchange and the automation offered by the feature-rich Springbot platform allows us to do big things with a small team.”  

Springbot Exchange and its first feature, Audience Expander, were launched in March 2018. Throughout the coming year, Springbot plans to continue launching additional Springbot Exchange features to help retailers identify and reach new audiences. Learn more at

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