Consumer Growth in eCommerce – 4 Ways SMBs Selling Consumer Electronics Can Increase Visibility Before the Holiday Season

With new technologies rolling out all the time and becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives, the electronics industry has begun to dominate the eCommerce world. This holiday season, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) selling electronic products will want to expand their exposure and attract more customers.

According to Small Business Trends, computers and electronics constitute more than a quarter of all Amazon sales. That’s $65.82 billion in sales, which can be attributed to SMBs selling products through the Amazon Marketplace. The electronics sector of the eCommerce industry is currently valued at $301.2 billion in 2018 and has been predicted to grow to more than $418 billion in the next four years, leaving plenty of room for smaller eCommerce retailers to grow their businesses.

Targeted Email Campaigns

One of the most surefire methods for attracting new potential customers and retaining existing ones is to implement specifically targeted email campaigns. Many eCommerce SMBs have done away with the old method of shoveling out blanketed emails to all their subscribers with zero personalization and vague, general product information.

Recent research has shown that consumers prefer to receive emails specific to their tastes and interests, and targeted emails tend to lead to higher conversion rates. If you start sending personalized emails to people who have purchased from your eCommerce store before, it’s very likely that they will turn into consistent customers, especially if you help expose them to new items based on past purchases and site traffic.



Social Media Campaigns

Social media accounts for a large part of the eCommerce industry when it comes to targeted campaigns. Instagram has become a major platform for eCommerce sales with programs that allow you to turn your Instagram page into a clickable, shoppable experience.

Users can easily find your account through the social media outlet’s algorithm, which displays posts and pages similar to interests they’ve expressed through likes, page follows and general engagement with other accounts. This is an excellent way to target the specific demographic interested in your electronic products, particularly around the holiday season when people do much of their research and shopping online.

Using Springbot’s trackable links feature, you’ll be able to easily view how each of your social media outlets is performing and determine which ones you should allocate more resources or run a sponsored campaign to engage your audience.


Join the Amazon Marketplace

Currently, Amazon is responsible for 49 percent of all eCommerce transactions—a stunning statistic that would not be possible without the help of thousands of SMBs that use Amazon Marketplace as a platform to sell their products. Offering your inventory through Amazon expands your company’s exposure by providing consumers with another avenue to locate your products.

With Springbot, we  make it easy to add items to the Amazon Marketplace by allowing you to publish items directly from the dashboard. You want to keep your prices competitive, so we also give you the option to quickly view and compare your products with similar ones from other sellers to ensure your prices are in a similar range, leading to more sales.


Increase SEO Efforts with Product Descriptions

Electronics are often a seasonal purchase with an increasing number of people buying these items as the holidays approach.

However, even if your store’s sales typically increase on a seasonal basis, you should still consider boosting your SEO efforts to improve your visibility on search engine ranking page (SERPs) and help more online shoppers locate your eCommerce site. Rewriting your product pages with the right keywords, revamping meta descriptions, and keeping up with backlinks and internal links, are just a few of the steps to take to help increase your search engine exposure.

Looking for More Tips?

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